Korean Bellflower – Beware – Invasive Mystery

  • Post published:07/10/2014
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Japanese Bellflower

This flower showed up mysteriously in my garden. A Facebook appeal has identified it as Korean Bellflower, Campanula takesimana. The warning is that it is invasive, but I have found it for sale from several nurseries on line. Only one Canadian company noted that it was a strong grower and needed to be kept in bounds. I also checked Google images so I think I have a good ID, even though there is not total agreement about how invasive it might be.  However, I am playing it safe. I dug it all up. The roots had spread into other plants and I did have to sacrifice a ‘Blue Paradise’ phlox and part of this lady’s mantle when removing it. I kept in mind that it is best to  clean out past the margins to make sure all the roots are gone.

I will probably plant an annual in the fairly large bare spot that is left. I don’t want to put any other perennials in peril. With just an annual there I’ll be able to keep close watch for more shoots of the Korean bellflower.

Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem?  Finding an invasive plant mysteriously appear in the garden.?

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  1. I have a similar looking one, campanula punctata Cherry Bells…goes everywhere and is invasive too as are many campanula…yes I have many that blow in like teasel that will take over a native meadow

  2. Sally

    Oh dear……I gave one to my good friend Fran (I’m featuring her garden in my next post) and it’s going strong. Thanks for the heads up! It really caught my eye and I was planning to put some in my gardens…..

  3. Joan Lance

    Yes indeed! I have found this to be invasive also. It is a pretty plant, has to be staked, and if you remove many of the plants in the fall, you should be alright. It’s a shame really. It is pretty!

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