Roses of Many Colors and Sizes

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Drift Peach roses

The month of June brings us lovely roses. Our small dry spot gives us an array of different types of roses and one of the best is Drift Peach roses. They will bloom into the fall and keep me very happy. The space for our roses is not very large, but we have many beauties.

Thomas Affleck Rose

The Thomas Affleck rose grows to five feet or a little more.  It is intensely cerise pink and the semi-double blooms make a bold statement.

Brother Cadfael rose

Brother Cadfael is an English rose created by David Austin. It is quite large, with 5 feet tall and nearly as broad. Our Brother is not quite that large yet, but the large flower provides strong fragrance. It doesn’t seem to me that happens very often.

Folksinger rose

Folksinger is also about 4-5 feet and has a peachy fragrance. It will bloom all summer.

Poet’s Wife rose

The Poet’s Wife has large rich blossoms and will grow to be 4 feet tall and wide. It is the richness of the color that I love in this rose.

Carefree Beauty

Carefree Beauty will eventually grow to about 5 x 5 and will give flushes of bloom in spring, summer and fall. This rose was created by Dr. Griffith Buck at Iowa State University – many years ago. He has created many other beautiful roses.

The Fairy

The Fairy is an amazing rose.  This is a David Austen rose and the list said it is about 2-1/2 to 3 feet, but my Fairy is more along 4 feet and even more.  This is a rose I have enjoyed for many years. This is a really strong rose which made me very happy during my years with it up in the hills.

Polar Express

There are more Polar Expresses in my garden, but right now they are rather spread about. Happily they will bloom all  summer and I will enjoy the garden all summer. Keep watching for other roses.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Oh, yes, roses! Thank you for sharing your beauties. They’re all lovely. Rose season is definitely a magical time of year!

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