It Is Time For Gold

  • Post published:05/06/2023
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Wood Poppy

The wood poppy has been showing off its golden flowers for a couple of weeks now. It has increased in size since I planted it  four years ago.

Barren strawberries

By its own name you can tell these plants will not offer up any strawberries.  They do offer up golden colors.


Troilus is a little pale right now, but the golden yellow will probably arrive today, now that we are having golden sunny days – at last!

Leopard’s Bane – or Doronicum

I prefer calling this flower Leopard’s Bane even though I can’t imagine who came up with the name.

Fairy Bells

Fairy Bells are kind of shy, and they are just beginning to wake up, but even now they are beautiful.

Yellow and gold

The yellow is some mysterious ground cover, and the gold is golden pansies, and marigolds.

There will be more gold as the season progresses. Keep watching.


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  1. Jeane

    Is your mystery ground cover a golden stonecrop? (it looks like the one I have in my yard)

  2. Pat

    Jeane – I thank you! I didn’t know the name of that ground cover, but now I can list it.

  3. Beth@PlantPostings

    You caught me with the headline. Time for gold, indeed! Beautiful blooms–as valuable or more so than the precious metal. 🙂

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