What Kind of Bees Are on My Cone Flower?

  • Post published:07/04/2023
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Tiny – Green – and Yellow – BEE

I was looking at the flowers on our grassy strip next to the road – and there I saw a tiny bee.  We talk a lot about bees in Greenfield, but usually we talk about bees that make honey. Those honey bees collect nectar, and pollen on their legs. But this bee is very tiny, as you can see.  I am wondering – do you  think this bee has collected pollen?  Or does it just have  yellow legs?

A closer look

I’m interested to know anything you might know about bees like this.

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  1. Emily

    Hi Pat! I believe this is a female Agapostemon Virescens – they love coneflower and this female has gathered pollen for her young. Like me, they are into apartment living- “Nests are communal—many females share a single nest entrance, but lay and provision their own eggs—and nest sites are maintained from year to year. Females take turns guarding nest entrance from intruders, and a green face can often be seen in the nest entrance. A single nest entrance can contain over 30 independently nesting females.” more info here: https://watchingbees.com/species-accounts/agapostemon-virescens/

  2. Pat

    Emily – Thank you so much for this interesting bee information. There are so many bees, who live in so many ways! It is fascinating and I really appreciate your knowledge.

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