Autumn is the Season for Making Compost

  • Post published:09/10/2022
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Compost Bins

Autumn is a good  time to collect leaves to make compost to feed the garden. We have found different  ways to do this. The photo shows a wire ‘barrel’ which we pack with leaves every fall. There is also a regular store bought bin where I put kitchen scraps and leaves along with some soil periodically, which helps make very good compost. Behind that bin is another bin that we can use to wait for the first bin  to finish the compost. You will also notice that the bottom sheet on top of that bin has holes, evidence that rats were eating through it to get to food they like.

Double compost bin

Because we had some trouble with rats we decided to try this double bin, Start and Finish, that is not flat on the ground. The two attached smaller bins are designed for each bin to take  turns using food scraps, leaves and a little soil. I can spin it around mixing the three items, until it is quite full.  Continuing the spins  in the full bin, will help turn these materials turn into rich compost. Then the same process will make new batches of compost on the other bin side.

Kitchen scraps

I  spill the kitchen scraps into the bin each evening, and occasionally spin the bin around a couple of times.

Dry materials

There is no difficulty finding leaves, dry material, in the fall. These leaves, brown material, supply carbon, while the food scraps  supply nitrogen.  I try to mix equal amounts of carbon and nitrogen.  Moisture is also very important  to turn food scraps and leaves into oxygen. Oxygen will help the material breakdown. Don’t mix them too often. When the bin is suitably full, let it  sit to heat up and decompose. This is rich material for the garden.

Old compost

We have been using  our old ‘big’ bin for a couple of years. It has made compost but it takes longer. When the mixture is completed, I add it to garden areas that need more food. I am very excited to see this work, because  I always feel that I need rich soil for my plants.

Making compost is not only a job for grown-ups. Young children can put on their thinking caps – and maybe teach their parents something. Check out The Compost Tour at the Academy of Early Learning.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Very good. We have a compost bin, too, and I need to make a point use the soil amendments more often. I tend to be good about it at the beginning of the season, but I’m going to try to make a point of adding some in the fall, too, when I put the garden to bed.

  2. Pat

    Beth – I too run out of steam in the fall when it gets really dreary. but now that we have our new double bins AND a water barrel I might be more attentive.

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