Daylilies in My Garden

  • Post published:07/08/2023
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Red daylily with stripe
A red daylily with a stripe

Our garden has many many daylilies. The reason? Because our garden is often very wet, but the daylilies have no complaints. Since I can always counted on daylilies, I can show you a range of lovely daylilies.

Stella d’Oro daylily

Stella d’Oro is the first daylily to open in my garden, and almost everywhere else. They are slightly smaller than the red daylily, but lovely all the same.

Pink and gold delight
These pale yellow daylilies also have ruffles
Pink daylilies with ruffles – lots of ruffles on the daylilies
These daylilies offer a small rich yellow delight
A flaming daylily
Another flaming daylily, but very small
Shades of pink with a tiny fringe.

If I have more daylily designs and colors in the garden I will be surprised – but very happy.

Olallie Lass daylily

Olallie Lass is a daylily hybridized by Dr. Darrow, a man who created many beautiful daylilies. His son, and grandson (who is quite a hybridizer himself now)  continued to create beautiful daylilies. This Olallie Lass was beginning to bloom in my garden in 2018. It continues to please.

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  1. Nan

    I love the daylilies. They are a perfect plant, to me. Always reliable, beautiful, such variety of colors. I still think about that hill at your old house that you used the lasagna method to rid it of weeds, and then planted daylilies there. (I may have details wrong but this is what I remember). I wonder if you brought them to the new house.

  2. Pat

    Nan – I’m glad you got to see my daylilies in Heath. Seven years ago we moved to Greenfield and we have filled our garden (backyard) with many daylilies, and some on the green strip by street. Daylilies really are wonderful.

  3. Nan

    I never saw them! I just remember you writing about them.

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