Surprise Snow and Cakes

  • Post published:03/04/2023
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Early morning snow

When we went to bed we knew there would be snow in the morning, but when I went into the kitchen to make my early morning coffee I did not expect this kind of beauty.  It was still snowing lightly but the trees and shrubs were heavy with the wet snow. 

Bright light

The light is getting brighter but with fine flakes – and finer rain.

Neighbor’s hedges

My husband said our neighbor’s hedges are ‘topped with popcorn’

Very tall trees

Our neighbor by our side has magnificent trees – with special beauty in the snow.

Very different cakes

My cake is the dark cake which (oddly) required dark sugar and dark molasses, and oddly again it also had a half cup of honey. Which was the point. I did obey the recipe, but obviously, not perfectly. It was overdone on the ends, and collapsed in the middle. I was disappointed. Fortunately our neighbor’s cake is beautiful and delicious! We are lucky to have such skilled cooks.

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  1. Emily

    Beautiful snow day! Just rain here in the city.

  2. Kate

    The snow is so lovely!

  3. Robin Ruff Leja

    Many don’t like the snow, but it’s so beautiful when it covered up the drab winter. We barely saw any snow this winter, and I missed it!

  4. Beth@PlantPostings

    The cakes look yummy! Re: the snow, it is beautiful. We haven’t had any snow since we got back from San Antonio, but we have some in the forecast. I hope not too much! 😉

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