Gardens, Visiting – and a Wedding

  • Post published:04/28/2022
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Preparing to eat the wedding cake

Cieran and Carissa – officially wed

The Bull Run in Shirley gave us an evening for celebrating and sharing the traditional moment when Grandson Cieran and his Bride are about to share the wedding cake. This was a great moment. They wed three years ago, but that was a private moment; now that the pandemic is over they can share their love with family and friends.

Preparing to eat the wedding cake

Cieran and Carissa – officially wed  We all cheered. You can see Mom was amused as they teased over taking their bites of delicious cake.

Wedding Cake

The cake was worthy of the celebration

The wedding was the reason for our trip to the more eastern part of Massachusetts, but it also gave us the chance to visit with others.

Mom (Diane) with daughter Colleen

The celebration gave Colleen a good opportunity to come up from Virginia where she is settling into a new state and a new job.  Friends came from near and far.

Betsy, my daughter, and me

Betsy, the  fourth of my five children, was able to chat about gardens. She has been doing more work in the garden – even though she has an important job protecting our water in Boston. She and her husband Mike just added a new addition to their house. The new room is only partially finished but they are celebrating the usability and the visibility which gives them a beautiful view of their increasing garden. The lower level also gives Mike a place to put all his big tools and equipment for making handsome woodwork. Tables! Chairs! Beauty!

Big windows on the new house addition

A new  indoor stairway makes it much easier to get to the kitchen door, and that space always provides a pleasant view.

Grandson Rory – a new gardener

While we were  out in the space around the house, grandson Rory was showing us his plantlets. He has been learning to take a small piece of a plant and plant it, and care for it, so he can watch it grow.

Rory with more plants

It is possible to work with plants outside at this time of the year, but Rory was eager to get an earlier start and he has been working with grow lights.

We had a wonderful weekend – with our children, grandchildren, and with friends – who all brought us joy.

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  1. Robin Ruff Leja

    Sounds like a very lovely weekend, but I especially liked the thought of your grandson learning to love gardening, just like you!

  2. Pat

    Robin – It was a great weekend – and our grandson is a great guy and an EMT. I think he works with his plants much as he would with the people he helps get to the hospital.

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