A Taste of the Franklin County Fair

  • Post published:09/12/2012
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Rainy deluge at the Fair

It was raining when I arrived at the Franklin County Fair this past Saturday, but to some Fair goers it was just another attraction.

The Roundhouse at the Franklin County Fairgrounds

The Roundhouse is full of flower, fruit and vegetable exhibits, as well as handcrafts: quilts, knitting, canning etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Handwork is not dead in our part of the world.

Franklin County Fair flower exhibits

There are prizes for specimen flowers, arrangements and houseplants.

Fruit arrangments

There were fruit specimens and fruit arrangments.

Canning exhibits

Fruits and vegetables preserved for the long New England winter.

Quilt raffle

There were quilts on display, and quilts being raffled off to support any number of community organizations.

Doll quilt

Dolls deserves quilts and prizes too.

Music in the Roundhouse

And while I was there cheerful music filled the space. Naturally, the Franklin County Youth had their own building filled with similar exhibits, including informative nature exhibits. Rides! Pie a la Mode! Robinson’s Racing Pigs! A fabulous fair.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    It is great that your fair is conducted when the weather isn’t so hot and miserable. Our fair is in mid summer. It is usually so hot many don’t go. Fun to see some of the exhibits.

  2. Flaneur

    I’ve been a resident of Franklin County for 27 years and have never been to the fair! I’m kicking myself: your photographs alone make me want to go next year. The images are compelling, especially the first picture of the two children clearly unperturbed by the rain. The fair’s arched gateway or gatehouse looks very promising, and clearly the day fulfilled its promise. Who’s your photographer?

  3. Pat

    Lisa – I don’t think our Fair weather is ever so hot it would keep people away.
    Flaneur – You are missing a treat and a bit of our area’s agricultural history. You’d love the young people with their cows and sheep – and the pie a la mode.

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