Cardinal Flowers and Surprises

  • Post published:09/08/2023
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A group of baby Cardinal Flowers.

I planted a very few Cardinal flowers four years ago. It is with surprise that I began  to see them spread, and now these ‘baby’ Cardinal flowers are everywhere. They are so small – but so many – and so strong.

A small bouquet of flowers

I suddenly noticed that that this little arrangement is unexpected. You can see that these Cardinals aren’t any taller than three feet – but there are many tall Cardinals as well, growing since they were first planted.


I had tried digging  out this collection of small Cardinal flowers. I had to call my husband – who was much stronger and could break through those several Cardinal babies.

Flowers released

It took work to get the several Cardinals fully released. I am now keeping my eyes open as I work in the garden. I do not want to have the Cardinal flowers taking over – and I think it could happen.

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  1. Earle

    Another native that reacted similarly,, Great Blue Lobelia . The Cardinal is favored by Hummingbirds here,, lobelia is much appreciated by native bees. Nasami had both

  2. Pat

    Earle – I’m glad you have known about those plants who really make them look so beautiful.

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