Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 15, 2021 with Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch on Joe Pye Weed, with variegated foliage

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day brought a great gift – six (and I stress SIX)  Monarch butterflies dancing on the Joe Pye Weed. This is very unusual. Until yesterday we have only had one Monarch at a time, but yesterday THREE monarch were dancing on the zinnias. With six Monarchs we are in a celebratory mode.

It has been a difficult summer in Greenfield, Massachusetts, with days and days of rain in every month. The rain did not affect all the flowers, but there was less exuberance. It was a thrill to welcome six Monarch butterflies.

‘The Fairy’ rose

Roses are very important to me, and I have only a few because our garden is so wet. ‘The Fairy’ is always determined, and  although she struggled this year, she is doing better right now than she has at any other time of this year.

Drift rose “Coral’

The Drift “Coral”. a small shrub, is another strong rose. She will bloom through September – and maybe longer.

Alma Potchke aster

I  cannot do without Alma Potchke aster. It is a strong bloomer, about three feet tall, and reminds me of a dear friend, Elsa Bakalar.

Wood’s Blue aster

The great thing  about Woods Blue Aster is that it is low and will bloom for a long fall. It is also very energetic and has sprawled out  on our Hugel.


I added Gaillardia this year. I love  the colors and she continues to bloom, but because of all the rain she is not as vigorous as expected right now.


This lobelia joined Gaillardia and is in the same boat. I have great hopes for greater bloom next year.

Black eyed susans

I must have black eyed susans – so vibrant and long blooming. Bees love them and I keep the bees in mind when I choose flowers.

Turtlehead – Chelone glabra

Turtlehead is a plant that loves water, but even she took a while to come into bloom.

LimeLight hydrangea

When we bought our house six years ago we immediately bought three hydrangeas. We wanted large shrubs  to create a ‘friendly fence’ because our yard is right next to our neighbor’s drive way.  They have all three turned into very large shrubs, doing exactly what we desired – and pleasing our neighbor as well.

Angel Blush hydrangea has a very different flower. I like its airiness.
FireLight hydrangea is a sister to Limelight, with  similar flowers but an ever deepening pink.
Boltonia is a great plant because it is just starting to bloom and  will continue until frost.
Cardinal flower – Lobelia cardinalis

I will end with the Cardinal  flower. This is a plant that loves water and grows  tall, up to five feet or so. I have had her growing for three years now and I have just learned an amazing fact. I did know  that  she increased every year, but I did not know that she is capable of throwing her seed here  and there. I have given some away, but this year I  will have to remove those babies, as well as a number of the tall plants. It does take a while to learn about our plants.

Cardinal flower babies – note those ‘rosettes’.

I thank Carol for giving me, and us, Bloom Day.  It is a gift to make me take a regular look at the garden – and think about what is – and what will come.


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  1. Kris P

    It’s a toss-up whether I’m more envious of the beautiful butterfly-attracting Eupatorium and roses in your garden or all that rain. As we’re drier than ever in SoCal this year, I think the rain may win out on the envy-meter. Happy GBBD!

  2. Pat

    Kris – I’d be glad to share half of our rain with you! If only we could make these switches happen. Happy GBBD to you!

  3. Beth@PlantPostings

    Wow, so many monarchs at once…yay! That is good news! You’ve had too much rain and we haven’t had enough. While we’ve recently had more, for most of the summer we were in severe to moderate drought. That, combined with the high heat did weird things to my plants. It would be nice if both of us would have just enough precipitation. 😉

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    Lovely blooms.

  5. Pat

    Lisa – I am lucky that so many plants love water!

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