Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – September 2016


I haven’t posted on Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day all summer so I wanted to make as full a record as I could as the season comes to a close.

Cosmos took a long time to bloom this year, but they do make me happy
Firelight hydrangea
This is Firelight hydrangea snuggling with Alma Potchke aster, but Limelight and Angel Blush are also thriving and blooming


Daylily altissima
Daylily ‘altissima’ is the only daylily still blooming
Russian Sage
Perovskia, Russian sage, is such a great pollinator plant
Sanguisorba canadensis
Sanguisorba canadensis has no common name I can find, but it likes wet sites, should we ever get substantial rain


Lyon's Fairy Tale - Kordes rose
Lion’s Fairy Tale – Kordes rose. I planted new roses like Kordes varieties in the South border
Polar Express Kordes rose
Polar Express is another beautiful Kordes rose – disease resistant


"The Fairy" rose
I had to have “The Fairy” rose
Thalictrum - meadowsweet
Thalictrum has delicate blossoms but stands tall and beautiful
A bit of an annual salvia, Blue Paradise phlox and Purple Rain rose
A bit of an annual salvia,Limelight hydrangea, Blue Paradise phlox and Purple Rain rose
Dahlias and perennial ageratum
Dahlias and perennial ageratum. Other dahlias also blooming
Wood's Blue aster
Closeup of the low growing Wood’s Blue aster
Chelone, turtlehead
Turtlehead, chelone, did fine this hot dry summer
Red geraniums
Red geraniums were stunning pot plants, especially after I moved them into the sun
angel wing begonia
My new angelwing begonia has been happy on our front porch.
Purple aster
This very late blooming aster on my hellstrip had me wondering all summer if it was a weed

This is my catalog for September. I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this wonderful series. To see what else is blooming over our great land click here.

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  1. Lea

    A beautiful series of photos!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  2. Rose

    You have a great start on your new rose garden–‘Lion’s Fairy Tale’ is simply beautiful! Your cosmos also look great; mine were a disappointment this year. But my zinnias are doing well, too; such a great late summer annual!

  3. Zinnias and Cosmos–two of my favorites! I’m not a huge fan of the burgundy/purple Asters, but I really like the softer blue ones that you have. Gorgeous! Happy Bloom Day!

  4. bettyl - NZ

    My what fabulous color! Your garden looks so bright and sunny. I do hope mine looks as good this spring.

  5. Denise

    I sure love seeing those zinnias. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pat

    Lea – Thanks for visiting. It was fun to be able to share the garden before the frosts hit.
    Rebecca – Native plants and others that attract pollinators was a guiding principle.
    Rose – I love those Kordes roses which are long blooming, disease resistant AND gorgeous.
    Beth – I didn’t intentionally plant so many asters – but I am glad for all of them. And I do love zinnias and cosmos. So bright and colorful.
    bettyl – So glad you visited. I’m so happy with all this September color.
    Denise – Who can resist zinnias. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Layanee

    Your new garden is full of flowers! Is that Cafe au Lait? I am not thrilled with that one. I find is bland. White bread and mayonnaise. LOL

  8. annamadeit

    I really do need some Asters. Alma Potchke is lovely!

  9. Pat

    Layanee – I don’t have anything called Cafe au Lait. And I will make a point of never getting any!
    annamadeit – Alma Potchke is a great plant, energetic, but not thugish. And such a beautiful color.

  10. Ian Penman

    We call Sanguisorba canadensis ‘American Burnet’ at Sylvan Nursery

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