Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – September 15, 2020

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Firelight hydrangeaFirelight hydrangea slowly becoming fiery on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

This summer has been a very dry summer and Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day will tell of some of the difficulties.

Two hydrangeas kissing, the pink Angel’s Blush and still white Limelight

Dry summer or not, the hydrangeas are lush bloomers.

Black eyed Susans are amazingly long blooming. We do occasionally water the bed with our drip hose.
There is no stopping the TALL zinnias in my cutting garden.  They get occasional drip hose treatments, too.

I think this energetic foot tall aster is Wood’s aster. Whatever, it is a great bloomer on our hugel.

Alma Potchke aster is just beginning to bloom on the South Border near the hydrangeas with only  infrequent rainfall.
“The Fairy” rose is reaching toward the sun that shines at our neighbor’s house.
Japanese anemone “Robustissima” I love this plant.
The winterberries do not bloom, but the red winterberry is ripening.

The gold winterberry is also ripening and the  birds will be very happy this winter.

My Sheffield daisies have not begun to bloom yet, so I am holding on to the thought that I will have something in bloom in October.  I

I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for giving us all a chance to see gardens across our great land, and indeed, gardens around the world,  Most of the plants in my garden have been  chosen to attract all kinds of pollinators – for the first time in Greenfield we have Monarchs – and the birds.

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  1. Lisa

    Alma Potschke is so pretty, it might make me change my mind about disliking asters!

  2. Lea's Menagerie

    Beautiful Hydrangeas, and I love Zinnias! I am still waiting for my Asters to bloom.
    Pretty berries, wish I had thought to include my Beautyberry berries in my post.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. plantbirdwoman

    Glorious hydrangea! My black-eyes Susans bloomed profusely all summer (Bless their hearts!) but they are finally resting now. All your blooms are beautiful.

  4. Pat

    Plantbirdwoman – Thanks for visiting. The roses didn’t give me as much glamor as usual, but I am very happy with the blooms that have been so persistent.

  5. Pat

    Lea – Lucky you with beautyberries. I didn’t think I could grow beautyberries, but I just visited a local garden that did have a wonderful beautyberry bush. I am inspired.

  6. krispeterson100

    Your hydrangeas are incredible! I’ve none of them in my current garden, other than a small pot in my shade house, but I’m tempted to try growing them again. I just noticed a few small Japanese Anemone blooms on my garden this morning. Inherited with the garden, they amaze me by producing a small number of blooms each year despite our hot, dry summers and relatively stingy irrigation.

  7. Pat

    Kris – My hydrangeas, which are quite large, are doing just what I wanted – they form the ‘friendly fence’ between my neighbor’s driveway and our garden. I prune them back in the spring and they grow and grow and bloom and bloom. They have one of the sunniest spots in my more and more shady garden. The Japanese anemones are quite shy this year – all because of the dry summer.

  8. Pat

    Arun – Your lin up party is quite a place. Thanks for inviting me.

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