Rain! Disaster! Adventure!

  • Post published:07/11/2023
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Yesterday the rain came all day.  There were moments when we thought the sun would come out – but no such luck.


We didn’t tramp through this swamp, but we did enjoy looking at the reflection of our golden sign – The Great Adventure – which is the way we live. There is always excitement – and adventure.

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  1. Kate

    That is crazy! I hope it all drains quickly.

  2. Thom

    Tears Pat.
    Yes, you in the past pointed out your wet backyard but wow, this says it all.

  3. Beth@PlantPostings

    Oh my goodness! I can’t even imagine that much standing water in the garden! We’ve always lived on a hill, so the water drains down. I hope you will get a break–please send some our way, as we’re in a drought. We’ve only had about 4 inches of rain since the end of April. Different problem. 🙁

  4. Pat

    Beth – We enjoyed watching the water in the garden disappear energetically, but the news tonight threatened with more and more rain. Even so, we will persevere.

  5. Pat

    Thom – Along with many other parts of New England, and I suppose other places, the water in garden is getting more and more energetic. It pours and pours.

  6. Pat

    Kate – I hope it drains too, but the new promises do not seem kindly.

  7. Beth@PlantPostings

    I think you sent some rain our way. 😉 Thanks! Seriously, though, I hope we’ll both have some “normal” summer weather for a few weeks. Take care!

  8. Pat

    We join you in the hope for more sun!

  9. Pat

    Beth – I missed your comment – but I assure you I am hoping more normal summer.

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