The Beavers Remain – But Still Hidden in Their Lodge

  • Post published:04/11/2012
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Beaver Lodge on the shore of the Frog Pond

Last fall we saw that beavers had built a lodge on the edge of our Frog Pond. Once before, in the spring some years ago, we had beavers in the pond but they didn’t really get a lodge built so we hoped they were just passing through. We urged them on by keeping the overflow pipe in the pond clear. The beavers kept blocking it, and we kept unblocking it. We heard that beavers do not like the sound of running water and we succeeded in keeping the sound of running water present.

Beaver snacks

Yesterday I went down to the pond and saw evidence that the beavers are still there, branches stripped of their bark, but no sign of the beavers. They must get pretty cozy in their lodges, and it was a raw windy day. I did see that they had stopped up the overflow pipe. I wasn’t wearing boots so I couldn’t unstop it, but we will have to do that pretty soon. The water lever has definitely risen. We want them to hear running water.

For more information about beavers click here on Bob Arnebeck’s fascinating blog. Other information about beavers  is here at Kim Cabrara’s blog about animal tracking.

Henry cleaning overflow

After supper we took a walk down to the pond. Fortunately Henry was able to clean out the overflow pipe without actually getting into the pond. It’s cold!

Outflow pipe

Success! The pipe is clear and the water is gushing. Music to our ears if not to the beavers.

Reflections and turbulence

The reflections in the pond are clear and beautiful – except around the lodge. We could see turbulence around the edges of the lodge – but never saw any beavers.

Henry getting a closer look

Henry got closer and splashed in the water, but no beavers responded.


We walked back up the hill, towards the sunset and towards tea and dessert – maple bars!

Frank and Holly

I suspect the beavers want nothing more than a winter nap – just like the cats.

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  1. Pat

    Diane – We are going to check the overflow – and see just how industrious the beavers are. Will they stop it up again?

  2. Mary S.

    Good luck with the beavers! They can be very determined and more than a little destructive. One of our neighbors lost about 20 aspens in a two-day period.

  3. Pat

    Mary – They can be hungry and destructive. I’m hoping they move on.

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