What Comes After Thanksgiving? The First Snow

The Major and Rory

Thanksgiving Day dawned mild and sunny.  There was little left to do in the morning at daughter Betsy’s house so there was time for a stroll and for The Major and grandson Rory to have a tete a tete.

Thanksgiving crowd

Things got a lot busier at daughter Diane’s house, especially in the Thanksgiving kitchen. Cooks and kibbitzers gathered near the stove to be there when the turkey came out of the oven.

The Thanksgiving table

It is impossible to get everyone in the frame at the Thanksgiving table but all 15 of us were there. We couldn’t reach the Texas branch of the family who were in Pittsburg (?) with the Lawn family but a toast was drunk to family and friends, near and far.

Lawn Bed

Post Thanksgiving weather was cold, breezy and raw. This morning we woke to snow. The flurries are slight, the air is still, and the temeprature is up to 32 degrees, but the ground is covered.

Japanese lantern

We are poised for a peaceful moment, but time does not stand still.

Christmas wreath

The Christmas wreath is hung and the dance towards Christmas has begun. The halls must be decked, the oven fired up and beds prepared for guests.

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  1. Layanee

    I love the ‘dance’ towards Christmas! I do.

  2. Pat

    Layanee – I’m sure you keep a lively step in time.

  3. naturegirl

    A table filled with love and laughter and lots of yummies! Hope that your winter isn’t too harsh..I hope my winter here isn’t too harsh.. I don’t do well with too much cold.
    I am truly a summer gal.Blessings to you!

  4. Mark

    Many thanks for visiting my blog – yours look very professional. I like the picture at the head of this post – two generations in harmony?

    I wonder if you have seen my friend Michelle’s blog, Veg Plotting, a very good garden blog from the UK.

  5. catmint

    magical photo of snow covered Japanese lantern

  6. Tatyana

    Thank you! Now, after seeing your snow, I might get into pre-holiday mood. With our green and warm November, it’s not easy to believe that it is time to decorate the house and shop for gifts.

  7. Rose

    Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Pat. Thanksgiving Day was beautiful here, too, but the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees by evening, and it’s been cold ever since. No snow, though–I have a lot of “dancing” to do, too, so I hope it waits till Christmas!

  8. Pat

    Naturegirl – I always wished for mild winters until I realized that in our area we need those cold temperatures to kill insect pests that are threatening our trees.
    Jen – We are fortunate to have a family where everyone is friends.
    Mark – I do know Veg Plotting. It was one of the first blogs I found when I began 5 years ago and has been on my blog roll right from the start. I love visiting there.
    catmint – Thanks for the kind words.
    Tatyana – I think December is the shortest month of the year. And busiest.
    Rose – I also hope it doesn’t get too cold before Christmas when there is so much running around to do, but a nice snowfall a few days before would be nice. I want all the roads to be clear before Christmas Eve.

  9. Jean

    Beautiful snow (though I can’t fathom snow just yet!). Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I completely forgot to take any pics this year!

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