The Thrill of the Pop!

  • Post published:08/19/2010
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The making of bread and butter pickles

My 14 year old grandson Rory has been visiting this week and we are busy, especially now getting exhibits ready for the Heath Fair. The other day we made bread and butter pickles, but the jar seals didn’t take. You can only imagine our anticipation when we took today’s batch out of the hot water bath. Even as I lifted one jar we heard that POP!  Then we waited, and didn’t touch the jars. But soon, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop. Rory will have pickles to exhibit!

And cookies.  Three of the other grandsons left their exhibits in my care. Now I have to concentrate on my own exhibits.  I think I have invented a maple confection to enter. Wish me luck.

With final Heath Fair preparations here at home, setting up the Heath Friends of  the Library Book Sale and the arrival of family, I cannot promise that I will be blogging until the Fair is done.  I wonder how many ribbons I’ll be able to brag about?

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  1. eliz

    My neighbor has been making naturally fermented pickles–a very interesting way of doing it. You wind up with a milder pickle. I love B&Bs though.

  2. Pat

    Elizabeth – We have the Real Pickles ( company in our neighborhood and they make a whole variety of naturally fermented pickles that are delicious. It was started by young entepreneurs devoted to organic and local food. For the Fair entry, we obviously didn’t have sufficient time, but what time we had was very productive.

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