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  • Post published:02/22/2009
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There is no end to the chores. We go through a lot of firewood so Rory helped the Major.
But then it was off to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst.

We aren’t allowed to take photos in the galleries, but the special big murals that Carle painted give a taste of the tissue paper he works with in his unique way. One exhibit was celebrating Carle’s 80th birthday and the 40th Anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

In addition to the galleries with wonderful collections of the original paintings that were published in children’s books, there is a library where we got to sit and read some beautiful books.

No cultural outing is complete without a snack. Atkins Farms has apple orchards AND apple turnovers.

But the only sign of spring is at the Atkins flower shop.

If Rory is going to eat at Granny’s he has to help. He put together his own Saumon en Papillote. This is one of his favorites and it is not only easy it is a wonderful way to cook salmon to perfection.

As far as I’m concerned no meal is complete without dessert. Our fantastic librarian gave us a recipe for chocolate pudding cake when we went in to get our week’s books. Don the librarian is actually a master baker in his off hours.

There is always a payoff in the kitchen and at the table. This is one chocolate-y dessert. Dee-lish.

But in the morning there was a race to get Rory home before the promised snowstorm. Another one.

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  1. Darla

    I LOVE the barn in the back of the first photo, interesting art, cute boy and he makes the apple turnover look yummy! He is also a good little helper in the kitchen and my oh mythose pretty primroses in that shop!!

  2. Chris The Gardener

    what a lovely day out! Can you share that recipe or is it a trade secret?

  3. Pat Leuchtman

    Darla, The ‘barn’ is a very tall shed we built (over the course of 3 years) to house the tractor, the bees, and etc. The bees had to go when I became allergic and the etc. keeps increasing. I can’t wait for my my own primroses.
    Chris, The salmon is very easy – place a 6-8 oz piece of salmon on half a parchment sheet along with some carrot sticks and some scallions, and a couple of drops of vermouth. Fold the parchment over and seal tightly by folding the edges and rubbing with the back of a spoon. Or use straight pins. Or use foil. Put in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes. The parchment will puff with steam. Exciting presentation. Be careful not to burn yourself when you snip into the parchment and release the steam. Enjoy.

  4. Tinky Weisblat

    Miss Pat–Next time you go to the Eric Carle with the youngster, try Flayvors of Cook Farm, the area’s yummiest ice cream. I know it sounds a bit cool at this time of year, but I never met a kid who couldn’t eat ice cream at any time.

    And please encourage Don the librarian to enter the Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest this year (



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