K is for Kids on the A to Z Challenge

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Rory with wormfood

K is for Kids at the End of  the Road Farm. There are always projects and chores. Rory is collecting food for the worms.  He and his cousins built our worm bin for vermicomposting, and have helped keep the worms fed when they are here. We’ve had the worms for five years now.

Ryan horseback riding lesson

Sometimes we have special events like riding lesssons at Birch Glen Stables. All the boys got lessons, and most of them were enjoyed.  I like getting their rotted manure for the vegetable garden. Horses have all kinds of value.

Tynan mowing. Chores can be fun.

There are chores, too, of  course. Fortunately, getting to run the equipment is fun. So far.

Rory and a loving goat

Our neighbor has goats and  sometimes the boys get to feed them at milking time. We love homemade goat cheese.


Anthony and Drew in the berry patch

Raspberries and Blueberries to pick.

Bella, Lola and The Major

Now we are looking forward to getting the GREAT Granddaughters into the garden and everywhere. They used to live in Florida, but now they live near!

I do have four  granddaughters including the mother of the two great-granddaughters, and the younger  girls now 26, 22 and 18, but their years at the End of the Road were pre-digital photos.

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  1. Patricia Stoltey

    Kids and gardening just seem to go together. I grew up on a farm, which is why I love growing things so much today. I started composting with worms about three years ago and continue to be amazed how well the poor worms survive my less than expert methods.

  2. Pat

    Patricia – A childhood on a farm – or with gardening parents can make a big difference in a person’s life.

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