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Drew is my 9 year old grandson who now lives in Texas, near Houston, with his older brother Anthony, his mother (daughter Kate) and father, Greg. This week he had to write a story at school. A story that every grandmother hopes to hear.

Granny’s House by Drew Lawn

I love my Granny’s house! Of course it has Granny and Major. She has three very nice cats and one is shy and very hard to spy. The cats are hard to find.

I love my Granny’s garden. We call it the ‘sunken garden’. It used to be a shed and it caught on fire and they made it into a garden and it is the same as any garden, except on a lower level, which is why we call it the ‘sunken garden.’

Her chickens are really neat. They run around and I open the door from where they lay their eggs to where we feed them. We feed them corn and greens. We throw it over the fence and some fly over the fence.

It snows where they live on the very big hill. I love to make snow angels! Their pond freezes and I love to go ice skating.

I love to pick blueberries because they are fun to pick. I love Granny’s homemade pancakes. My dad likes them so much he ate inside the house and he’s allergic to cats! I will never forget her house. THE END

The family snapshots don’t exactly match the story, but I hope they capture the mood. I don’t have a photo of the boys feeding the chickens, but I did have the camera out when they were cutting down old pea vines for the chickens. They were much appreciated.

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  1. Larch Hill

    Dear Drew,

    I hope you realize what a lucky boy you are to have such a wonderful grandmother! Fewer and fewer boys and girls are getting to experience the glorious adventures of living on a farm – but you’re one of the lucky ones, indeed. A good job on that terrific letter!

    A fan of your Granny’s

  2. Kate

    Dear Granny,

    I am glad you put my story on your blog. I like the pictures you put in of me and Anthony – mostly me. I think this summer would be a great time to make a new story and I think we should do the pictures at that time. Maybe you can come and visit us here in Texas and write a blog entry about what we have.

    Your grandson, Drew

  3. germi

    Pat, I don’t have kids and I live in Los Angeles, but in my dreams, I have your life.

    What a beautiful post.

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