Berries Jubilee

  • Post published:07/28/2009
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Summer blues are nothing to weep about.  The low bush blueberries are ripening on Burnt Hill. Anthony, Drew and I went picking over at the Benson Place. You can see forever on that hill, even the spires of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

We picked and picked. For about 15 minutes.  That’s as long as it takes two energetic boys with the efficiently designed blueberry rake to pick about 20 pounds of berries, along with a few sticks, leaves and weeds.

I confess!  We did not pick all these blues ourselves. It is inevitable that you will make a friend in the blueberry field. We shared the cart with two women who had been picking for nearly 2 hours! Hot work. Don’t you wish you had a friend who would pick blueberries for you?

At the barn we did our own sorting on  the converyor belt but my photo didn’t turn out. A farm worker put the berries SSS-LOOOOW-LLY in the hopper. Green berries and sticks and leaves fell through a kind of grate and then we pulled out green or squished berries that escaped the grate. We ended up with nearly 19 pounds of blueberries.

Tonight we are going to have blueberry crisp for dessert. Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry pie and blueberries on cereal are all in our  future. And to think that blueberries are a Super Food.  All those anti-oxidents. Delicious and super healthy.

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  1. Tinky Weisblat

    Just when I think the summer food I’m enjoying is the best, another fabulous food comes into season. Can’t wait for these. I wish I had time to pick myself, but I guess I’ll just buy this year. Enjoy them, and thanks for the fun post.

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