Eating the Blues Away

  • Post published:08/25/2008
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One of the many joys of blueberries is that they don’t have to be picked the instant they are ripe. We’ve been picking since early this month, but there was something of a hiatus during the days of the Heath Fair, and immediately after. It takes us a while to recover from the Fair, but since we are regaining our energy my husband joined me at the blueberry patch yesterday where the berries hang thickly, all big and blue.

In about 20 minutes we picked over two quarts. Most of them went into the freezer, but some have been kept for blueberry muffins and other berry treats. This morning, on my way to the Heath Free Public Library where I use the high speed internet, I met my neighbor who was putting out quart baskets of peaches, fresh from his fairly new orchard. I can’t get over people who are able to grow peaches in our climate, but have no desire to emulate him at this point. I bought a quart and tonight we’ll have peach-blueberry crumble. Hardly any work, very nutritious, and totally delicious.

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  1. Anonymous

    Pat – I wish we were back at your lovely spot to help you eat the blueberry-peach crumble! Thanks for your hospitality when Pierre and I were visiting Dan and BJ. Laurie

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    I wish you were here, too. We needed more time to converse. I’m glad you stopped to visit here, though, and hope you’ll return.

  3. BJ Roche

    Pat, we are dining tonight on homemade peach ice cream, with Norma Coli’s blueberries, bought at Avery’s since ours are all gone! The last whisper of summer!

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