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Livia’s Prophetic Chickens

The wonderful thing about gardens is that a stroll down the garden path is apt to  take you down paths of literature, science, and history as well. One person who knows this very well is  Arcady, Garden History Girl. She has a great blog that touches on more subjects than you might imagine. I was enjoying her story of  the Roman matron Livia’s cool garden room with its beautiful wall paintings – never dreaming I would end up learning about chickens as “harbingers of apocalypse.”

If you love chickens as I do you will love the story, too.

2 comments to Livia’s Prophetic Chickens

  • Dear Pat, You are so right in what you say that the world of gardening touches on so many other areas. That, in my view, makes it of such consuming interest that only deepens with experience and age.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my weblog, to which I have made reply and through which I have found you!!

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