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As I review and renew in my garden, I thought I ought to look back at the year on the commonweeder.  The 5 most popular posts were not what I expected.

In February Mycotecture got many visitors – and continues to be visited.

In March the New York Times had an article about Femivores, women who love their chickens too much. Or something like that. I have chickens so I had to comment. Chickens – and their houses – are a popular topic on my blog – and elsewhere in the world.

In July I went to Buffalo to meet with 70 other bloggers and tour the many wonderful gardens in readiness for the Buffalo Garden Walk. My post Mirrors in the Garden – A Trend? continues to get visitors.

Carol Dukes at Flower Hill Farm

In September I visited Carol Dukes at Flower Hill Farm. We are almost neighbors. It is no surprise to me that this post was so popular. Carol and her magnificent photos have many devoted fans.

Walden Pond

My Muse Day post in December was about our trip to Walden Pond the day after Thanksgiving. As a devoted fan of Henry David Thoreau I was happy that so many others wanted to share our visit. I never cease to thank Carolyngail for hosting Muse Day.

One popular post did not surprise me. In January my dear friend and mentor Elsa Bakalar passed away. In July we celebrated her life in her garden – and that month her garden, now tended by artist Scott Prior and his wife, was featured in Horticulture Magazine – with a nod back to the article that Elsa and I had published in Horticulture in 1986. Elsa’s life touched many gardeners, locally and across the country through her book and lecture tours.

2010 was a happy year for me on the commonweeder, with increasing readership, and I look forward to 2011 and the pleasures of the garden and garden friends with great anticipation.

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  1. Nan

    My stats tell me the most visited posting was a review I wrote about a Taylor Swift cd. :<) I'm sure that people search for TS, and my post is one of the results. I'm sure they aren't my regular readers.
    I'm going to look into the Muse Day.
    Thanks for a lovely blog, and I wanted to tell you that we've just set up growing lights in the kitchen, and I'll be using the pots I won from you. I plan to do a post when we begin planting.

  2. Pat

    Nan – The magic of the Net is that we all follow links – to links and links and sometimes end up in places we would never have imagined. Which means we spread our thoughts in places never imagined. I think you will enjoy Muse Day. And I’m glad the pots will be useful – and I’ll look forward to seeing them in action. I enjoy your blog so much!

  3. Kate

    Hello and Happy New Gardening Year;

    I’m always surprised at the posts that catch people’s interest, as well. It’s never the ones I think might be well-received. ;>) I would dearly love the opportunity to meet Carol @ Flower Hill some day. She’s such a fab photographer. I really enjoy your blog, too, and look forward to another fun year.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I so enjoy your blog. I always learn something or am entertained. Marvelous writing.

  5. Pat

    Kate – Carol is not only a fabulous gardener and photographer – and writer – and flower arranger – she is the most gracious of hostesses.
    Lisa – You are always so appreciative. thank you.

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