Fox went out on a chilly afternoon

  • Post published:02/11/2012
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I was about to start cooking yesterday when I looked out the kitchen window and saw my chickens all a-flutter and one in the mouth of a fox. A healthy and beautiful red fox. I opened the window and started yelling and banging my frying pan and lid. Everyone really got excited.

The fox dropped the chicken and had trouble finding the hole in the chicken fence, but finally pushed his way through. The chickens went flying in every direction.

The fox fled up the snowy lane – then stopped, looking back at the hen house. I started banging even harder and after a long hesitation the fox loped off.

Three chickens

Three of the chickens ran back in the hen house, along with the rooster who lurked in the far corner. The other chickens flew off and hid under the tractor shed. I tried to herd them in, but to no avail. When the sun set I went out to the henhouse and found all ten chickens, and one very quiet rooster in place.

I took the photo of the chickens but Gary Lehman took the picture of the fox for the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. I think the photo is of ‘my’ fox’s brother. A close resemblance.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your poor chickens. The poor fox is very hungry obviously. Great photos.

  2. Pam/Digging

    I was wondering, until I read your final explanation, how you managed to get such a beautiful photo of the fox while banging on pots and pans and yelling. LOL. Glad all your chickens survived to see another day.

  3. Linda

    That must have been quite a sight! Chickens, fox, Pat, frying pan! Too bad Henry wasn’t around with the camcorder getting the whole incedent! LOL

  4. Pat

    Lisa – my neighbor said the fox has been knocking at the door of his henyard – but the dog scares him off.
    Pam – There was no way I could get out and get a photo. I was so frustrated, but the chickens came first.
    Linda – If only Henry had been home!

  5. Carol Lively

    Whew glad you got out there in time….we lost one this spring and were thinking the culprit was a neighbors dog, but a few days later, I was working in the veggie garden and something caught my eye….it was a large male (I am assuming because of its size)in the horse paddock about 10 feet from a chicken….I yelled and chased it with a rake…the dog caught wind and chased him off….found a tree had come down on the fence giving him free access to the “girls”….foxes are pretty but not in the henhouse!

  6. Cara Hochhalter

    I was cheering for the chickens…but then I remembered that like the fox, I also eat chicken. But not yours….(smile!)

  7. Jason Kay

    I remember singing that song with my kids when they were small. Great photos.

  8. Pat

    Carol – This was a beautiful animal – but not in the henhouse.
    Cara – We are all predators. My husband is always lobbying for broccoli rights.
    Jason – Great song! I had a beautiful children’s picture book when my kids were small.

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