New Technology in the Hen House

  • Post published:03/23/2011
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Avian Aqua Miser

It is very hard to get a good photo of the chickens drinking at their new  Avian Aqua Miser waterer, but the first chicken on the right had been drinking and the second chicken on the right is still taking  good long sip.  What you cannot see in the photo are the little ‘nipples’ that work on a similar principle to a hamster waterer.  The 5 gallon bucket has water and the chickens  poke at the nipples that release a drop at a time into their little beaks.

We got our kit from the Avian Aqua Miser people and my husband installed the nipples in about 15 minutes.  It took a little longer than that to teach the chickens to drink from this new waterer but that was our fault for not hanging the bucket high enough.  Now everyone is happy. The chickens have clean water to drink and I don’t have to worry about them knocking the waterer over and then being thirsty all day long.

I bought the kit that contains three nipples and a drill bit, just the right size. I have not been paid for my comments. The company does not even know I am writing about this product, which I do recommend.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    You must have smart chickens. I wonder if they would teach younger chickens to do this now.

  2. Rose

    Looks like a great but simple way to keep your chickens happy and save you some work.

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks for posting this.. I was thinking about trying this out also–I’m so tired of my chickens perching on top of their waterer. Sounds like a good option, I think I’ll order one!

  4. Layanee

    Happy chickens equal lots of eggs, right?

  5. commonweeder

    Lisa- Chickens are smarter than many people give them credit for – and it usually only takes one ‘influencer’ to set things in motion.
    Rose – Less work and worry – and cleaner water.
    Rebecca – We did have to wait until it didn’t get way below freezing every night.
    Layanee – Long days, clean water and the result is lots of eggs.

  6. Nan

    Wow! I am very impressed.

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