Hen House #5

  • Post published:12/30/2010
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Henhouse in a barn

When Doug moved to Heath his property came with a big barn, but the only livestock he planned on was chickens.  When he moved his office into the barn he had that space insulated. He also insulated the area where the chickens lived.

Only in the ceiling can you see the insulation but it is also behind the wooden walls. Chickens don’t need this kind of comfort, but I’m sure they appreciate it.  Even the door to the outside is insulated.  The chickens do have plenty of room, and a chicken door that gives them access to the outdoors.

Doug only has a small flock of chickens, but lots of egg boxes.

Foldable chicken roost.

I was particularly taken with this roost. It can fold up against the wall to make a clean out easier.

Doug is the only one I know who has a heated chicken waterer. The rest of us make do with rotating waterers in and out of the hen house.   Mine sits by the woodstove when I bring it in.

As I have visited all these henhouses  I have been fascinated by the unique elements that have been designed.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I almost hate to tell on myself. Me, the one that can’t have chickens because I live in a city with an ordinance that says no chickens. Anyway, in my garden journal for next year I have drawn a hen house. I have incorporated all the elements that you have shown in these articles about chicken houses. I can see right now I will have to add a new element to my drawings. Actually I think I will have to add more full drawings as every time you feature a hen house I see elements I want to incorporate into “my” hen house, like this fold up roost. Great idea. I notice too that the roost doesn’t have to be too high to make the chickens happy. Just yesterday I bought a magazine about chickens, ‘Popular Farming Series’. All this makes my husband nervous. tee hee…

  2. David

    Oh, how I want chickens! I just checked out a book on backyard chicken raising, and it’s my New Year’s resolution to get some.
    Thanks for the post.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

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