Death Among the Daffodils

  • Post published:05/03/2024
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Dying Daffodils

The sad days have arrived. All the daffodils in our Rose Garden are weeping.


We are sad, and yet we see the joyous Goldheart Bleeding Heart.


And look! The Quince shrub has joined the Goldheart. I am beginning to feel that beauties are coming right along. Keep watching.

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  1. Robin Ruff Leja

    I really need to find room for Bleeding Heart! I have a mostly sunny garden, so it’s a struggle, but I do love that plant.

  2. Julie Abramson

    Hi Pat, I want to get in touch with you to see if you want to visit a garden for the Forbes garden tour this year so that you can write it up for your blog; I seem not to have your email which seems strange but I can’t locate it. Can you please email me at to let me know. The tour is June 8.
    Julie Abramson
    413 585 0719

  3. Pat

    Julie – I am a slow person and I don’t understand the last invisible idea. Help!

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