‘Sumer is icumen in’ – and the Garden is Singing

  • Post published:05/30/2022
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Quince shrub

Summer is not here by the calendar, but it  has richly begun. Now this early blooming Flowering Quince shrub is feeling her flowers begin to dwindle. Other blossoms are also beginning to say farewell.

Fringed Bleeding Hearts

These small fringed bleeding hearts have been growing against the brick base of our house since very early spring. I think they will not stop until after our Golden Bleeding Heart does.

Gold Heart bleeding heart

I love this bleeding heart because she is so big and beautiful – and dependable.


Bistort is one of the spring plants I love because it loves water. There are early spring rains  that flood in our garden, but the bistort drinks it up – and continues to bloom. As you all know, our garden gets very wet – in every season.

Tiny irises

A friend gave me the bulbs for these lovely little irises. They have made a good show, but now it is time to sleep.

Trollius – globeflowers

I love these golden flowers – and they love wet gardens. They are starting to fade now, but I know how to wait until another year begins.

Swamp primroses

Early in the spring a corner of my yard is a swamp. When I told a friend about my swampy garden she invited me to her house to dig up some of the swampy primroses in her front yard. I took her up, with gratitude – and the primroses cover more swamp every year.


This beautiful big geum has been doing brilliantly. Another geum is coming along slowly. I also have many, MANY, little plants that I think are geums – but my husband thinks they are mugworts.  We’ll see!

A friend gave me some columbine seeds,  and the columbine plants are growing up all around the garden. I am so lucky to have all these good friends. Purple! pink, red – all energetic.


These columbine, of various colors, grow all around the garden.  Get them started  and you will be happy.


The peony bud is swelling. I can’t wait. The white peony bud is also swelling.


Hellebores bloom EARLY in the spring, and they continue to bloom into  the summer. Hellebores are just amazing.

Viburnam blossoms

For a brief time the viburnum covers itself with beautiful lacy flowers.

Potted Plants

I have to add a few potted flowers.  Now I just have to remember what they each are.

Paprika – Oso Easy Rose

I will end the tour with these roses which love showing off all through the summer.

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  1. Robin Ruff Leja

    A swampy garden is so foreign to me, so I sure enjoyed my tour of all your water loving flowers.

  2. Pat

    Robin – I have learned to love the swamp. There are many plants that welcome water – Cardinal flower, Joe Pye Weed, Obedient plant – and many others.

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