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Therese Bugnet
Therese Bugnet – Rugosa

I’m a person who enjoys talking about plants anytime, but sometimes I do it officially. Last weekend I spoke about Sustainable Roses at the little e. I was able to explain that you could grow roses without poisons and fungicides. Hybridizers have created many rugosas that are just naturally sustainable. Texas A&M declared a whole group of roses to be sustainable and calls them Earth Kind. Look for that label when you go rose shopping. I’ll be writing more about sustainable roses as the season progresses. If you can’t wait check out the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden. This is possibly the largest nearly organic rose garden in the country.

Carefree Beauty is not only a hardy Griffith Buck hybrid, it is Earth Kind
Carefree Beauty is not only a hardy Griffith Buck hybrid, it is Earth Kind

This Sunday, May 4th I will be attending the Art in Bloom exhibit at the Fitchburg Art Museum to talk about our famous Bridge of Flowers. I am looking forward to showing off the Bridge plantings through the season and inviting everyone to visit – maybe even come on the morning of Saturday, May 17 to buy a plant, a souvenir of their visit, at The Bridge of Flowers Annual Plant Sale. There will be literally thousands of plants – perennials and annuals and wildflowers – as well as a delightful array of tools, and garden related art and books. Sale opens promptly at 9 am.  I hope to see you there.


These unusual tulips are blooming right now on the Bridge of Flowers. I love talking about plants, here, there, and anywhere.


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  1. casa mariposa

    I’ve had so much trouble with my roses. I”m testing a completely organic rose care program this summer. Blackspot just thrives in our hot/humid climate. I’ve already had to pull a rose this spring that developed blackspot as soon as it grew new leaves. I’m hoping it was the original source of the infection and that removing it will help keep my roses healthier. I definitely need to check out these EarthKind roses. They sound so easy to maintain. Love those cheery tulips. 🙂

  2. Ilona E

    Love the Bugnet rose, but cut it back completely last year after some mysterious dieback. I used to grow those tulips in a small rock garden in my first home. Your stand of them is doing well and looks like spring sunshine 🙂

  3. Pat

    Casa – Roses can create a lot of work – especially in certain climates. I would definitely try the Earth Kind roses, but the Knockouts are also quite disease resistant. Or check Kordes hybrids. Good luck!

  4. Pat

    Ilona E – I’ll bet the Bugnet rose comes back strong this year. Those tulips are wonderful but they are not mine. They grow on the Bridge of Flowers which has a good website, and Facebook page. More photos there.

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