Golden Flowers in My Garden

  • Post published:05/07/2024
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Wood Poppy

There has been so much  sun recently that I must show off the early flowers of gold. This is the Wood Poppy that sits on our Hugle where it shows off its gold. I will talk about the use of a Hugle very soon.


Troillus also has the name of Globe Flower and it does grow 2 feet or a little more. Happily for us and our wet garden, this flower appreciates a damp soil.  I am very happy to know that I have such a lovely plant and that I can count on its adding more gold every year.


The epimediums are huge this year. I do not mean ‘tall’ but growing  out, wider and wider. I will be giving friends pieces of these very interesting, and beautiful, plants.

Golden Bleeding Heart

This Golden Bleeding Heart has just begun to show off the delicate pink hearts. It is one of my favorites. I do love gold.

Miniature Bleeding Heart

This tiny Bleeding heart does not shine in gold, but it is a lovely, little flower. It grows next to the stony base of our house.

I enjoy every day. In the morning I make a quick round to see what is happening. It is a thrill to see beauty every day – right in my own garden.

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