Hydrangea in Winter

  • Post published:01/07/2013
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Limelight hydrangea blossom 1-7-13

Very pretty hydrangea blossom. But I don’t think it will count on Bloom Day.


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  1. Flaneur

    Pat, what a gorgeous photograph! I used to associate hydrangeas with those ghastly hats worn by English women of a certain age to garden parties, until I saw a hedge of hydrangeas at a beach house. Now I love them, in all seasons, in all conditions. One can learn something from a woman in a hat. Your skills with a camera are growing magnificently.

  2. Flaneur

    Addendum: The close-up of the snowflakes that are your web site’s “wallpaper” or background image are also beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Pat

    Flaneur – Thanks for the kind words. We always have a little fun with the ‘wallpaper.’

  4. Jason

    Poor little shrub. The picture makes me want to rush out and put an overcoat on it.

  5. Pat

    Jason – It does look put upon, but Limelight is a tough plant.

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