Sastrugi – from the Russian

  • Post published:01/29/2014
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Sastrugi is the word for the snow waves and caves. It comes from the Russian. Sometimes it makes very large, much larger than here, waves. I think it has been too cold and the snow has been too dry for that to happen with our latest snow fall.

Sastrugi ripples

Sometimes the sastrugi takes the form of gentle ripples.

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  1. Sheryl

    I never knew there was a name for those snow waves – we tend to get them on our lake and just always called them drifts. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

  2. Shan Jeniah Burton


    I never knew they had a name, either, and now I have it rolling around in my mind!

    Your images really convey the sense of the word.

    SO happy you shared!

  3. Pat

    Sheryl – I lover new words!
    Shan – Sometimes there are really amazing sastrugi. Keep your eyes open.

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