Christmas is Coming Soon!

  • Post published:12/23/2023
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Cookies and Fruit

Christmas is very close and we have been busy, getting fruits –  apples and oranges – and making lots of different cookies like Cranberry, Apricot and Oatmeal cookies, and the last of four Pasticcini di Mandalora which makes soft almond cookies.


I made lots of cookies, which means I have to move some of the plants in the house to make room. Fortunately, the plants don’t mind going upstairs because there is more sun here.  There will be more tasks, but Christmas is coming closer – and so are my “children.” Actually they are all quite mature – and some of them have grandchildren! My husband and I are blessed.


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  1. Emily

    Those cookies look delicious! Wish I was there to try them.

  2. Pat

    Emily – The Cookies are pretty good if I say so myself. You may very well get some.

    Beth – Merry Christmas! The cookies did turn out well. Maybe we can find a way of sharing!

  3. Betsy

    I hope there are still some left when I come to visit! They look lovely!

  4. yennayi

    Your cookies look yummy.

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