Surprise! A sprouting red onion

  • Post published:03/02/2016
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sprouting onion
Sprouting onion

I got a surprise when I dug around in my pantry – and found this sprouting red onion, reaching for spring in the dark. I hope it is a good omen, but today the temperature did not get above freezing and the breeze was bitter.  Too much false spring this year. I am eager for true spring, the season for planting onion sets.

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  1. marjorie

    Wow that’s a lot of sprouts for one onion! I have garlic sprouting at my house. What to do? I had some ginger that sprouted too and I planted it, but nothing much happened.

  2. Andrea

    I will say the same as marjorie above, that’s a lot of sprouts for one onion. But i can understand the length as cells are longer in the dark. You seem to have longer winter than other countries who have been already having spring. But for us it is perennial summer!

  3. Helen Opie

    Once they start growing, theykeep on growing, and if it is a while till you notice them, they have the opportunity to get as long as the nourishment stored in the bulb feeds them. They are delicious as someting fresh and green in salads,and also fine chopped and tossed into eggs (omelette) or garnish bowls of soup.

  4. thesalemgarden

    It’s coming, sounds like we’re going to have a nice spring-like week ahead.

  5. Pat

    Marjorie – My garlic is sprouting too, but not like this. Ginger is a lot trickier and fussier, but I know it can be grown locally – at least in a greenhouse.
    Andrea – I’m of one mind appreciating this warm and mainly iceless winter, but my other mind says this is not a good situation. Perennial summer – what a delightful concept.
    Helen – leave it to you to remind me of the benefits of sprouted onions!
    Salem Garden – The weather man threatens us with 70 degrees later this week! I am hoping we can then continue moderately strolling into real spring – with no encores from winter.

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