Snow – And Blood

  • Post published:02/25/2011
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February 25 8 am

The snow was falling when I woke.  I hope this is the first of the four final snowstorms predicted for this winter.

While the snow is beautiful, the view inside the hen house was not as lovely.  For the third morning in a row I went out to find a dead chicken, killed by a weasel. I don’t know if it is possible to keep a determined and hungry weasel out of a hen house. I will spare you the image.  Only a dozen chickens left, including a rooster.

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  1. Cyndy

    Good morning Pat – it’s all rain here in CT. I’m hoping we’ll get rid of the last of the ice on the driveway at least and even make a dent in the snow pack!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    How discouraging to find another dead chicken. I hope you can keep the critter out of there. May the sun shine on you this weekend. Sounds like you need a little sunshine. Big Hugs(())

  3. Paula B

    What a shame! It’s still snowing down here at 11 a.m., but maybe it will turn to rain soon and wash away. Maybe you need to get a killer rooster, like the one they have at Pine Hill Orchard that bloodied Dave one day.

  4. Pat

    Cyndy – The rain has just started here too. I hope it encourages melting.
    Lisa – We do need sun.
    Paula. We are starting to get rain. So far our rooster has proved himself useless.

  5. Tinky

    If I were a shooting woman (and in Heath, of course), I’d have no mercy for that weasel. I feel for you!

  6. Rebecca

    I am so sorry for your loss.-I hope the weasel choked on the chicken.. There is still snow in the forecast for me also and I am SO ready for spring!

  7. Becky

    Weasels deserve their reputation. Did you know if you Google Images for weasel you get those furry critters with the teeth and politicians? Short of spending the night in the henhouse I could only suggest a fine wire cage for the chickens unless you have room for them in the bedroom!

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