Snow Storm

  • Post published:12/28/2010
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The season's first snow storm

It’s been cold and we have had dustings of snow here in Heath, but our first snow storm arrived Sunday. Flurries on and off all day, but coming down hard by 9 pm.  On Monday morning when I took this photo it was still flurrying but the wind was blowing so it was hard to say how much snow we had altogether.  The governor declared a State of Emergency so Henry got to stay home.

By evening the snow had stopped, but not the wind. Temperatures  in the low teens, but with a below zero wind chill. We got a little more than 6 inches of snow I think, and I’m  grateful for any moisture that will  ultimately return to the ground, but I wish it had been more.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Brrrrrrr just thinking about the wind makes me cold. I am glad you are tucked in and keeping warm.

  2. Rose

    Thanks for reminding me, Pat, that I should be grateful for all the snow we’ve had, too, after such a dry summer. I hope you’re staying warm!

  3. Bill

    Closer to a foot of snow I believe. At least at my house. I’m grateful for the snow as well.

  4. Cindy, MCOK

    Pat, I hope you have good books and lots of hot drinks to help you get through this wintry weather! I won’t tell you how warm it is here in my part of Texas today.

  5. Pat

    Lisa – I’ll make it out to the henhouse, but then I have plan to stay near the fire. I can do lots of things by the fire – read, drink tea – and blog.
    Rose – Very cozy!
    Bill – You may be right. With the snow blowing so much I was trying to avoid Heath hyperbole.
    Cindy – My poor daughter may be on her way from your corner to ours. She will not enjoy it.

  6. Mary Schier

    I’m glad you got some snow cover, though the timing for travelers is unfortunate.

  7. Pat

    Mary – We are waiting to hear if our Texas daughter is going to make it up here today.

  8. Layanee

    It was a wild storm. Love the clouds and happy to hear Henry was safe and warm inside with you.

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