Snow Upon Snow

  • Post published:12/31/2007
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Snow on snow. And still snowing. Last week we had lots of snow, then heavy rain, then warm days, but there was still a lot of snow on the ground. We had our white Christmas but the roads were clear for travelling to grandchildren.
Snow began falling late last night and we woke to a silent white world. The snow continues to fall, as does the silence. The plow hasn’t made it to the End of the Road yet. We sat by the window and admired the falling snow while we had breakfast, but finally Henry had to search through the loft for our snowshoes. Time to make the ascent to the henhouse!
You will notice that the ornamental plum in the photo is slightly canted to the east, as most of our trees are aerodynamically slanted because of the fierce northwestern winds that blow across our open fields. The building is our Cottage Ornee (essentially an unattached screened porch) where we spend many happy hours in fair weather.

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