Poor Man’s Fertilizer

  • Post published:02/10/2008
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Over the past 24 hours another five inches of snow has fallen already blanketed fields. The snow has fallen wet and deep, laying heavily on the pine trees, and even on each twiggy branch of the bent birches, like lace tutus on bowing ballerinas.
Snow began falling again this morning on my way home from church. The wind picked up, blowing snow across the road, and knocking it off the trees. Between the falling and blowing snow, and driving ever higher into the clouds, I was in complete whiteout. I slowed to try and keep the edge of the road in view – and then the snow would clear briefly and the beauty of the frosted roadside was briefly revealed. I was very glad to finally arrive home. That was about the longest seven miles I have ever driven.
The snow continued on and off all afternoon, blowing across the fields, catching in the snowbreak of pines, and drifting around the brush piles in the field. I never really understood the phrase that snow was a poor man’s fertilizer, but however it acts, it is clear the fields are well fertilized this year.

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  1. Layanee

    Pat: How nice to find your blog via your comment over at Garden Rant! A fellow New Englander, I shall read your posts with kindred interest although I am in a zone 5b. While you got all that snow, we got snow and then three plus inches of rain! A soggy mess!

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    After the snow we got ice! And more ice! It’s beautiful, but the roads are filled with icy ruts and make for a bumpy ride. I’m very glad you found me. I love the Ranters.

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