Yellow Twig or Cornus Sericea ‘Flaviramea’

  • Post published:02/07/2024
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Henry with a saw and clipper

I finally told my husband, Henry, that I was willing to test pruning the big yellow twigs in our garden . He said he was more than willing. He got out his saw and other equipment to cut down the thick brown branches of these yellow twigs. You can see the difference between these thick branches as opposed to the beautiful fine yellow twigs.

Henry with his brown branch

Henry took down four or five big, dark branches. You can see the size and dark color of these branches.  For the six years  we were growing the yellow twigs, I was reluctant to cut down the bigger dark branches, but now that it is obvious that the yellow twigs are very beautiful, and all they need is some trimming. It will be  beautiful as they grow again, very early in  the spring.  Watch and see.

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  1. Mike ritchey

    Good work, Henry!

  2. Pat

    Henry says “Mike – come by and see the garden when you’re in town.”

  3. Pat

    Beth – We are being tantalized by this sunny weather – and it can help with the big ‘twigs”.

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