Tovah Martin – Terrarium Expert Comes to Town

  • Post published:06/07/2016
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Tovah Martin
Tovah Martin, Author of The New Terrarium

The Greenfield Garden Club brought Tovah Martin, author of The New Terrarium, and many other books, to town to not only talk about terrariums, but to hold a workshop. The site was the elegant Brandt House B&B, the weather was rainy, but the spirit was one of excitement and creativity.

audience for terrarium talk at The Brandt House B&B
Audience for terrarium talk at The Brandt House B&B

Many members of the Greenfield Garden Club, and other gardeners in the community filled all the Brandt House space to get  some preliminary instruction  about terrariums, and jolts of inspiration.

Terrarium supplies
Terrarium supplies

The Kestrel Shop in Northampton was on hand with some of the needed plants and supplies, but attendees brought a variety of glass containers for their creations.

Terrarium workshop attendees
Terrarium workshop attendees

It didn’t take long for workshop attendees to get to work.

Unique terrarium tools
Unique terrarium tools

One of the tricks of the trade is a cork on a skewer to make a soil tamper. Less awkward to fit in  the container than fingers.

While we are still working on our house I can’t imagine a space for a terrarium, but after seeing all these inspiring terrariums, I did think of some friends who might like a terrarium  even if they don’t like weeding and pruning outside.

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