Snow Day on Beech Street

  • Post published:01/17/2018
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Norway Spruce
Snow Day for the Norway Spruce at dawn

I knew it was a Snow Day, no exercise class, when I woke. When I went out to take this photo at 6:30 am the plows had not come through and it was still snowing. Not as much as predicted, but enough to close the schools and the Y.

river birch and snow
Snow and River Birch

Time for coffee and reading before the day really  got under way.

Sycamore and Lilac Tree
Sycamore and Lilac Tree

The sun was hiding, but sharing some of its light. In town there is no room  for the wind to create sastrugi, but I remember those waves fondly.

Son Phlip and his snow shovel

Wasn’t it clever of us to buy a house right around the corner from No. 1 Son. And he insists that he loves shovelling – and lawn mowing. My husband did make it out before the job was done and the two men finished up in no  time.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Your snow pictures are lovely. I too like to get out and shovel. I guess I got used to that because my Mother was a single Mom and that was my duty. I didn’t ever dislike this chore. Not as much as weeding the garden. Look at me now. I would almost rather weed. ha…

  2. Helen Opie

    I, too, loved snow shoveling and mourn that my heart will no longer allow much of it, although I can still enjoy scraping it off the slab {“patio”} between house and woodshed, and a little bit of path-clearing out front…done in small bits and slowly. Shoveling is such great full-body exercise, gets me breathing full lungsful of fresh wintry air. A good antidote to too much time indoors.

    I also loved seeing your street views; sets your house into its neighbourhood in a way no-snow views cannot. And I missed that Philip lives around the corner: lovely in itself and lovelier for his contributions.

  3. Oh yes, you were wise, indeed! I’m not one who loves to shovel, although when you tune in to the zen of it, it’s not so bad. It’s fun to see scenes from the front of your house. It looks like a lovely neighborhood.

  4. Peter Herpst

    Oh the two words that are music to a teacher’s ears – Snow Day! The white stuff is gorgeous to look at if you don’t have to drive in it or shovel sidewalks. Love all the cool old houses in your neighborhood!

  5. Pat

    Peter – We do live on a lovely street c.1925. Wonderful neighbors who can help with the shovelling – even if you have a No.1 son. The trees today remain beautiful icing on the trees.

  6. Pat

    Helen – There comes a time when the joys of shovelling have to be put by. There is always a portion of snow clearing that even we can do – as you proved.

  7. Pat

    Beth – I’m glad you got a hint of my neighborhood, mostly small houses, with two or three two family houses, and a sufficiently gay group of children who love to hug our sycamore..

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