Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder

  • Post published:12/17/2010
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Sunrise 12-10-2010

not from China ‘cross the Bay, but from the east in glorious array. I almost missed the photo, the colors change so rapidly.  This morning the sunrise was more pearly, but then came a pink glow over our fields. Very mysterious and beautiful.

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  1. Darla

    Beautiful. The sky does change so quickly…

  2. Laura Hegfield

    such wonderful texture along with the lovely color…must have been a great way to begin your day:)

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    This is beautiful.

  4. Rebecca Sweet

    Gorgeous – thanks for sharing such a beautiful image!

  5. Pat

    We once considered naming our ‘farm’ Sky Farm – but we were at the End of the Road and that ended the name question, but not our pleasure in the sky views.

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