Nature Red in Tooth and Claw – and Stinger

  • Post published:08/28/2012
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Frank the cat and his prey

Frank, a natural creature,  is red in tooth and claw. He has caught a few of the many rabbits that have been marauding my garden, and gardens all over Heath this year, but he doesn’t usually bring them in doors.

This rabbit was mortally wounded. It was amazing that it had so much energy to run around the kitchen.

Wasp nest


I  went out to cut flowers for an arrangement for church and I became the prey.  I got a nasty sting from a  wasp, that was nesting in my Limelight hydrangea.  Somehow the hidden wasp nest had been damaged and wasp were buzzing around unnoticed by me. The back of my hand  swelled slightly but two days later I am just a little itchy.

We  often don’t like facing this truth, but nature is based on the conflict between predator and prey and we are a part of that system, in the garden when we are squashing bugs, and in a slightly different form every time we eat a hamburger.

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  1. Jason

    When we lived in Wisconsin we had a bigger yard backing on to some woods and our cat would have a predatory field day. She would neatly line up her daily catch on the back porch – mostly voles and mice, occasionally something bigger.

  2. Layanee

    A difficult truth. This morning I witnessed hummingbird wars. They are swooping and fighting over the flower beds.

  3. Pat

    Jason – I do wish cats weren’t such show-offs.
    Layanee – Even the hummingbirds?

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