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  • Post published:05/24/2011
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This is a close up of the old white lilacs that were on our property when we moved here in 1979. They are the earliest of all the lilacs we have and I can usually count on having them in full bloom by the 15th of May.  Not this year. You can see not all the buds are open. But I only know that because keep this blog means I have pretty good records for the past three years, thanks in large part to Carol of May Dreams Gardens whose meme of Bloom Day has encouraged me to keep a full bloom record at least once a month.

Our weather just seems so unpredictable with blooms varying by as much as two weeks, a week on either side of a standard date. For the past two weeks we’ve had cool temperatures and rain. All bloom slowed down.

This is what my wisteria flowers looked like last year on May 23.

See what the buds look  like this year on May 24.  Calculating bloom times for tours and such is getting very difficult.   Grrrrrr.

Is your garden ‘off schedule’ this year?

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Yep, things are off schedule this year. Slow to bloom they are.

  2. Billie Jo

    We are about three weeks behind here in zone 3 which is very sad since out growing season is so short anyway.

  3. Barbara

    You’ve given me one more excuse to give my hubby for “all that time you spend blogging.” I’ll tell my receipt-saving, detail-oriented, ledger-loving man that I am just RECORD-KEEPING. He’ll be so impressed.

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