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Bridge of Flowers entry

The Bridge of Flowers is blooming and blooming, ready for admiration, but you can see that greens are important too.

Azaleas are just beginning to blossom, and Solomon’s seal is still blooming.

Iris season is just beginning.  That’s a dramatic combo with a yellow iris and orange  azalea.

The Bridge of Flowers loves azaleas.

Bleeding Heart

Surely it is clear by now that the Bridge of Flowers does not depend on a single type of flower.

Double impatiens

The bulb season is about done. No more daffs or tulips. Perennials and flowering shrubs take center stage, but annuals have their place too, promising bloom all summer long.

It is always a pleasure to run errands on both sides of the Bridge and take a few minutes to enjoy an ever-changing panorama.

Bullitt Homestead - Fall 2010

The Bullitt Homestead in Ashfield is beginning to offer programs and I am happy to pass on information about workshops.

Putting Down RootsMay 28-29th from 8am-5pm Explore a different type of garden. We will install a native landscape at Bullitt featuring a variety of annuals and perennial plants, including edibles and plants that encourage wildlife. This will be a hands on experience planting trees, shrubs, flowers and more. The weekend will consist of two days of planting, running from . Just let us know what day(s) you want to attend. Lunch will be provided.

Workshops are hands-on, so bring work clothes, gloves and appropriate shoes. Both also have limited space, so please call to register and for weather-related updates. Contact us at 413 628 4485 or email Layla at

If you are a seasoned gardener, these workshops can help you to “garden with your whole yard,” and explore resilient diversity in your garden. So come join us and be part of a remarkable change! Our workshops are hands-on, family friendly and free.



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  1. Cyndy

    The beauteous bridge is bound to be on my bucket list – love the idea of running errands back and forth across it – lucky you!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    The bridge walk is an inspiration for sure.

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