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  • Post published:05/28/2010
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Nameless Tree Peony

Last year this nameless tree peony did not bloom at all, but this year there will be three blooms.  My dark pink tree peony only had one blossom, but paler pink Guan Yin Mian had 15 blossoms!  Not all at once – which is a good thing.

Rugosa alba

This is the common white beach rose. I have several bushes in a kind of hedge. It has taken quite a beating over the past couple of years, but I think it is really indestructible.

Mrs. Herzig rose

Mrs. Herzig of Colrain gave me this tiny pink rose. It jumped from the original spot where I planted it into a wild hedge of forsythia and spirea. I don’t know what type of rose it is, but it is so pretty and so sturdy.

Queen Elizabeth

I can’t really take credit for this bloom. I bought Queen Elizabeth in honor of my dear British friend Elsa Bakalar who passed away this winter. She didn’t grow many roses but she always had a Queen Elizabeth in her garden.

cheddar pinks

I love pink. Pink roses and pinks like these dianthus that are also called pinks.

I love the spicy fragrance of pinks.


Last year this cotoneaster began blooming. I was shocked. The blooms resemble quince blossoms and they last for quite a long time.  It took me a long time to learn how to pronounce this plant. I kept mis-cuing and thinking of it as a cotton eater. It is co-toe-knee-aster.

My Chinese wisteria

And this year I have to celebrate my wisteria that is now at its peak. I hope it hasn’t used up all its strength. I am looking foward to a repeat next year.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I can’t imagine that your wisteria would use up all its strength this year. I hope it and that lovely peony continues to bloom year after year.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – I have every confidence in the tree peony, but the wisteria seems more tempermental.

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