Autumal Blooms in Early October

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Autumnal blooms include annuals like Zinnias and cosmos

There are more autumnal blooms in my garden than I expected. I am trying to capture many of  them for my climate record.

Firelight hydrangea
Firelight hydrangea with white asters and pink Alma Potchke asters
Angel's Blush hydrangea
Angel’s Blush hydrangea
One of several dahlias in bloom
Perennial ageratum
Perennial ageratum climbing into yellow twig dogwood
Lion's Fairy Tale rose
Lion’s FAiry Tale rose
'The Fairy' rose
‘The Fairy’ rose
Snakeroot and  winterberry
Snake root and winterberry

We expect autumnal blooms like asters, but surprises are like the roses and zinnias.

Asters and bees

Asters and bees

By the time the sun came out and warmed the garden the bees came out to forage. There are still plenty of pollinators in  the garden when the  sun is out.  Other blooming plants include coneflowers, geraniums, cardinal flower, and joe pye weed. It gets very cool, in the 40s at night, but no frost yet.

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