Monday Record – Leafing Out All Over

  • Post published:04/02/2012
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Van Sion Daffs

Shoots are up, plants are leafing out. It is time to start keeping the Monday Record. The only bloom in the garden are these Van Sion daffodils that are growing against a stone wall – in back of the Buckland Rose. I thought I had dug out all the bulbs before I planted the rose here, but I was wrong. I wrote about how I identified this daffodil here. One reader said these were the ugliest daff he knew. I think they are a little unusual and I love how early they are on our hill.

Daffodil shoots

All the other daffodils are coming up in the lawn, but no flower buds are visible.

'Miss Willmott' lilac budding

Amazingly, my white ‘Miss Willmott’ lilac is not only leafing out, the flower buds are visible. None of the other lilacs are this advanced.

'Boule de Neige' rhododendron buds

The only other buds I can find are on the rhodies. I better go out and spray with Deer Off or the deer will have a nice snack and I will have no bloom.

Pussy willow catkins

There is no foliage on the pussy willow, only fat yellow catkins forming.


Various herbs are coming up in the Herb Bed in front of the house, but only the chives are of harvestable size.

'The Fairy' foliage

Many of the roses are leafing out. They show up best, photographically, on ‘The Fairy’.

Tree peony foliage

The three tree peonies show a lot of damage, but they have not given up. I will take extra care after I prune out all the dead wood.

Daylily foliage

I have lots of daylilies and they can always be counted on for early leafing out.

Lady's Mantle

Finally, there is alchemilla, Lady’s Mantle, in all their dewy glory. After a brief taste of summer, we are back to a slow cool spring. For the moment.

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  1. The Sage Butterfly

    My daffodils began blooming the last week in January, and I still have some blooming. We have had such warm temperatures…out of the ordinary. All of your new growth looks like it is filled with so many possibilities.

  2. Jason

    Spring’s come much earlier here in Chicago. Lots of stuff is blooming. Wish I had those pussy willows though.

  3. Mary S.

    You are in about the same place I am — even though I’m two zones colder. Our daffodils are up, plus lots of foliage on daylilies,rhododendron buds ready to pop (my neighbor’s are in bloom) and many trees leafing out. Such a strange spring, even though it is lovely.

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