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The main task for these past few beautiful days has been setting up the new garden in front of the house which gets protection from the wind,  and sun early in the season. I thought I could plant hardy vegetables here and start my harvest early.  Once again I used the lasagna method of starting a new garden.  First I put down old chick house cleanings in lieu of finished compost.  We did not get chicks last year and although we gave a major cleaning of the area, moving the chick bedding to the compost pile, the hens occasionally got in there and so there was a bit more bedding and manure.

I watered that material and then laid down cardboard over the area including what would be the path. On top of the cardboard I put down soil mixed with finished compost.

I got a couple of stationwagon loads of public wood chips, a benefit of the big ice storm in December 2008.  I put the chips on top of cardboard behind the planting bed, against the house, and then on the cardboard path.

On the other side of the path I spread unfinished compost from the pile I started last spring.  When I get more cardboard I will finish this planting bed.

I haven’t planted in the new bed yet, but I did plant a little block of spinach in the Herb Garden, again in front of the house where it is easy to keep watered. Down in the Potager I planted a 7 foot double row of sugar snap peas, a 6 foot row of Renee’s Saltwater Taffy Swirls sweet peas, and Renee’s larkspur.

I also got several little flats of seeds going in the house, zinnias, broccoli, cilantro, cosmos, stocks, and lettuce. One tray of seeds is on a heating mat which slightly speeds up germination.  Both trays sit on a southern windowsill. I can see spring looking more and more as though she is almost ready to stay.

Barren Strawberry and daffodil shoots

An evening stroll through the garden showed that daffodil shoots are coming up everywhere. Eventually I hope the native barren strawberry (Waldsteinia) will form a groundcover mat with the daffodils coming up through. I will get a few more barren strawberry plants from Nasami Farm when it opens in a couple of weeks. We are in the process of eliminating lawn in this area between the road and the peonies and hydrangeas.

Now that the gardening season has begun the Monday Record will be a regular feature. I keep a garden journal, but  the Monday Record has been a fun and helpful way for me to me to be able to check the weekly progression of chores and results.

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  1. Nan

    Do I understand correctly that this is something that can be done now? That I could do this to start a new garden and plant this very spring?? I love the Monday Record! Great minds! This is what I’m doing with my Farm and Garden Weekly.

  2. Tinky

    Well, I can make lasagna, but not a lasagna bed. I love reading about yours anyway….

  3. Kate

    I lay a lot of cardboard down in my new beds, too. Seems to be the only thing that can win the battle against the noxious weeds in the back area of our land. I’m enjoying these visits to gardens where has already arrived. Out here, we’re still impatiently waiting for the snow to melt.

  4. Helene J. Powers

    This accidental gardener loved reading abt the lasagna technique after noticing it used by some neighbors. Also, finally got to catch up on your March 30 Fashion Blog. Loved it:)

  5. Pat

    Helene – I’m glad to hear that others have learned about the relative ease of lasagna gardening. I know you are pretty fashionable yourself – thanks for the kind words.

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